Home Gym

Any health conscious person would like to have a home gym which best fits their needs and purpose. It saves time those who are fitness conscious but cannot manage the time from their busy schedule to go to a gymnasium to work out. But with a home gym one need not waste time commuting to and from a gym. Apart from this a home gym has also turned into a major status symbol.

The concept of home gym has undergone massive change. It is no more a just matter of a treadmill and a stationary cycle. A home gym has now upgraded to latest machines and equipments recommended by the fitness trainers such as medicine or exercise balls, weight lifting systems, well balanced weights and dumbbells etc. There is also an increased consciousness about the location of the home gym. It is preferable to make your home gym in an airy, ventilated and peaceful area of the house where you can concentrate on the exercise, meditation or the aerobics session.

The home gym needs to be intelligently designed and it should motivate one to workout regularly. Following are some basic tips that will help you to design your home gym in an effective manner:

- You can choose any spare room in your house or a part of a big room can be turned into a home gym. Try to avoid basement for your home gym because basements are generally not very airy and well ventilated.

- You will have to plan your home gym according to your fitness purpose and the workout activities you like. Bodybuilding need more weights, weight losing will require equipments like treadmill, stationary cycle, incline bench etc., while aerobics will need more space. For meditation you need to have a peaceful room with a surround sound system for the chants.

- Always keep some open area behind your treadmill so that if you somehow miss a step you don’t bang with the wall or some other equipment.

- Always choose good quality equipments with good workout as well as usage instructions for your home gym. Buy only those equipments that you can work on. Complicated exercising equipments may need the help of a professional physical trainer.

- Make your home gym look refreshing with bright colors, artworks, wall paintings. You can even put up the poster of your favorite bodybuilder.

- You can put on wall-sized mirrors to watch your movements and monitor your muscular growth.

- A good music system with some catchy and relaxing soundtracks is a must in your home gym. They help a lot in motivating you during strenuous and monotonous exercises and provide speed for aerobics.

- A television set in front of your treadmill or stationary cycle is a great booster. You can watch your favorite program while working out. Many people like to watch news while working out. This saves them time and help them catch up two chores at once.

Home gym needs dedication. A well-equipped home gym is not enough as it is isolated and lacks the camaraderie of a large public gym. A disciplined mind is the best asset that can compliment your new age hi-tech home gym.